Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014
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Court Dissolves 12-Year-Old Marriage Over Adultery

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Thursday dissolved a 12-year-old marriage between one Richard Olisa and his wife, Cordelia over adultery.

The President of the court, Mr R.I. Adeyeri, said that “both parties are no longer husband and wife and they are free to go their separate ways”.

The petitioner, Richard, 46, a businessman, had filed a suit seeking the dissolution of the marriage alleging adultery.

“My wife is a flirt; men have been picking and dropping her at home.

“There was a day I trailed a man on motorcycle who came to pick her to an eatery for dinner.

“On another occasion, I saw her with another man coming out of a supermarket with some items bought for her and they both went away in the man’s jeep,” he said.

The petitioner also accused his wife of threatening him with dangerous weapons.

“My wife had used a rake and an iron rod to hit me on the head during a disagreement.

“I am no longer interested in the marriage I want the court to dissolve it.”

The respondent, Cordelia, 45, a trader, hoever, denied all the allegations, saying that she was not a flirt.

She claimed that the men her husband used to see with her were only helping her to secure loan for her business.

“I’m not dating those men, they were only assisting me to get a loan, no string attached,” Cordelia said.

She said that her husband had stopped eating her food.

“He has stopped eating at home on the excuse that he is praying,” the mother of two told the court.

She, however, urged the court not to dissolve her marriage claiming she was still in love with Olisa.(NAN) DOA/JI/SN

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