Published On: Mon, Apr 21st, 2014
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New Method Robbers Use To Rob Unwary Individuals

It was on the 14th of March; two days after the date I was born.My online wall, I was sure, would had been flooded with wishes. Although I didn’t log in due to lack of data on my phone. Even after I had, I couldn’t check. due to connection problem. I just abandoned the phone in my black bag and got set to embark on a short journey to spend the weekend with my parents.

I got to the park, boarded a bus going to okoko (from mile 2)and went straight to the back seat and sat comfortably. After the bus had moved about one km,a man of about 5.7ft tall, fairly light in complexion, putting on a T-shirt (polo)and a pair of trouser boarded that same bus and came directly to sit beside me,then, the bus moved on.

After about five minutes, we got struck in a traffic jam. The man stretched his hand through my front and called a sachet water seller. He sat down and brought out #20 which he handed over to me,since I was the closest to the window, and I gave the seller in exchange for a sachet.After sipping it half full,he asked me to use the #10 change to collect another which I did immediately. as I was about to give him,
the guy told me he was satisfied that I could have that one.This occurred when we were around Alakija at past three.


Being tasty as a result of the dates(Dabidu)I was eating, I drank the water immediately.I later placed my head on the edge of the chair opposite me and closed my eyes. By the time I would opened my eyes, it was Saturday morning (the third day), in my room at Badagry, in the midst of all my immediate family members,two unknown faces- male and female and a syringe passing drip into my body.

After I had regain full consciousness, my mom narrated what happened to me. she said a woman found me by the road side in okoko lying unconscious where I was being gathered by Lagos crowd. most of them thought I was dead but when the lady got there and saw my state, she said I was only unconscious as a result of being drugged. that such had happened to her younger sister before. she took a coconut, broke it and poured some of its liquid on my mouth before I felt a little relief. she then asked where I was living and I faintly said Mowo. she me took to mowo bus stop where I was later surrounded again by another group of onlookers. luckily for me, one of them happens to be my sister’s friend. he could identify me and told the people where I stay.I was immediately conveyed home with a motorcycle. After I got home, a nurse was called who later passed the drip on me.

Readers, that was how I was saved by Almight God. Many had such experience but weren’t alive to narrate. Even those that were alive,may have some vital organs on their bodies missing. Even when my phone, my wallet containing: two ATM card, a staff I.d card,my passport photograph and a sum of #4,150 was taken,at least, my life wasn’t taken-ALHAMDULILAI

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