Published On: Tue, Aug 19th, 2014
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Prostitutes In Ekiti Face Hardship, Reject Lagos Men Because Of Ebola

Commercial s*x workers, otherwise known as Prostitutes in Ekiti state are now facing hardship because of Ebola. They say they have been forced to turn away high paying Lagos customers to avoid infection.

According to a report by our sources,

A young lady, who gave her name as Lovie Baby, is a pretty commercial s*x worker in a brothel in Ojumose area of Ado Ekiti told the reporter, after consuming a few bottles of beer on the reporter’s bill,

“Bros, dis life no too sweet o, but no one wants to die. Nowadays, if any man comes to meet me and says he is from Lagos, I will run o! Because I don’t want to get that Ebola virus o!”


Chichi, another s*x worker in a brothel at Okeyinmi area of Ado Ekiti, told the reporter that she was a student of a tertiary institution in Kano. She said she came all the way from Kano State where she lives with her parents to do some ‘runs’ – a term for part-time prostitution – with her friends and sisters in Ado Ekiti. Asked why she ran from school, she said the school was currently on strike.

She Said:

“Although I know that men from Lagos pay good money for s*x, my people here have warned me not to let them touch me, let alone ‘do business’ with me. I don’t want to die now, so I am not attending to any Lagos man now.

I prefer the local people. When Ebola is no more, then we can start thinking of playing with men from Lagos.”
Another commercial s*x worker, who wouldn’t have anything to do with any man from Lagos is Joy. The young lady, who claims she is from Benin, Edo State capital, operates from a guest house along Iworoko Road,

Ado-Ekiti. “You see, I wanted to leave this place for Lagos but this Ebola problem is causing me to have a change of mind.”
She said men in Ekiti State were not too generous to commercial s*x workers like her. “I am really suffering here because of that. But I have recently been turning down requests for visits to Lagos by my clients there because you don’t know who has it and who doesn’t, since they say mere kissing or body contact transmits the disease,” she said as she puffed on a stick of cigarette.

But some others are hardly bothered about the disease. Although, they shrink at the mere mention of Ebola, they wish and pray that they would never be visited by the disease.

“I don’t know about that kind of a thing and I believe it will not happen to me. But my business goes on with any man that can pay me well,” Chinwe, another s*x worker said.

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